Devitalize A Tooth :

Devitalize A Tooth :

What is tooth devitalization?

Focus on dental devitalization :

Devitalization is an intervention that takes place under local anesthesia to allow the patient to feel no pain.

Despite all the precautions that we can take in terms of hygiene and diet, we can develop cavities. Left untreated, decay can irreversibly reach the pulp. The only solution to calm the pain is tooth root canalization in order to allow the patient to chew normally and also to find a good speech.

The principle of dental devitalization

Still called root canal treatment or root canal treatment , devitalization is the act of removing pulp tissue from the root of a tooth. In other words, the dentist deprives the tooth of all the blood vessels and nerves which are at the origin of the sensitivity and above all, the pain felt.

The specifics of dental devitalization

It can be performed on all teeth. On the other hand, it is very rare that it is performed on a wisdom tooth. The latter are most often extracted when they are affected by decay or infection. After the operation, dentists generally recommend a dental crown , because the devitalized tooth becomes brittle and is at risk of breaking. The fitting of the crown makes it possible to avoid this type of situation.

Why devitalize a tooth?

In most cases, a tooth is devitalized when a cavity has not been treated for a long time and has become deep . It first attacks the tooth enamel and then spreads to the pulp. At this point, if left unchecked, the infection can spread to the bloodstream and cause much more serious health problems.

Devitalizing a tooth may also be necessary in the event of significant trauma such as a fall or a set of mini-shocks . These traumas cause a root fracture or inflammation of the pulp, which increases the risk of bacterial infection. The tooth must therefore be devitalized as quickly as possible.

Devitalize a tooth: the price

The price of devitalization depends on the tooth concerned:

for devitalization of a molar , it is necessary to envisage approximately 80 €

for the devitalization of a canine or an incisor , it is necessary to envisage approximately 30 €

for the d avoidance of a premolar , it is necessary to envisage approximately 50 €

If the dentist recommends the fitting of a crown, it is necessary to envisage approximately 650 € more. In some exceptional cases, we can call on a specialist ( endodontist ), but then we must be well informed because the latter will exceed the fees.

In short, devitalization is a dental treatment that makes it possible to limit the appearance of an infection or to reduce the damage of a trauma. The devitalization of a molar is the most expensive procedure for this type of care.


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