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Exotic Feline Rescue Center 2019

Dr. Robson was honored to be invited by the Peter Emily International Veterinary Dental Foundation (PEIVDF) to participate in the dental treatment of 11 Bengal Tigers, a Leopard and a Serval cat at the Exotic Feline Rescue Center in Center Point, Indiana in April 2019. It was a privilege to be able to work alongside the dentists and staff of this charitable foundation and help with the delivery of the cats much needed dental care. Dr. Robson was pleased to join volunteer veterinary dentists and human dentists for this mission from New Jersey, Nevada, Colorado, Texas, Virginia, Indiana, Illinois and Prince Edward Island (Canada).

Dental treatment proceeds on as the Veterinary Anesthesia Staff from the University of Indiana Veterinary School monitor vitals for our 500lb Bengal Tiger patient.

Dr. Eroshin, Dr. Brandon and Dr. Sitzman working on our Bengal Tiger patient at the same time. An extraction and a root canal are being completed simultaneously.

Dr. Sitzman sectioning a broken molar tooth on our Bengal Tiger patient in preparation for the extraction.

Dr. Robson placing sutures after an extraction of a broken tooth on our Bengal Tiger patient. Many single sutures are placed as this patient isn’t coming back if one breaks.

Dr. Robson placing sutures after an extraction of a broken tooth on our Bengal Tiger patient. These suture have to be very snug as our Bengal Tiger friend will be up and around tomorrow gnawing on bones, tree stumps and play toys once again.

Exposing a full set of dental radiographs to help diagnose our next patient’s dental needs. As many as 14 might be taken for this in order to fully ascertain needed treatment.

Dr. Robson using a portable x-ray unit in the completion of our Tiger’s dental examination. Phosphor imaging plates (in the Tiger’s mouth) are then run thru a digital imaging scanner and loaded into a laptop computer for diagnosis.

Dr. Beau Moody (Illinois) and Dr. Kerry Robson (Florida), 2 human dentists, working on a mandibular right canine tooth. Our Bengal Tiger required a root canal on this tooth.

Dr. Eroshin and Dr. Brandon during oral surgery procedures in the mandibular arch.

Dr. Eroshin and Dr. Brandon completing some oral surgery in the mandibular arch.

All Done!! Now this Bengal is back to his compound to join his brother who is missing him. They will be playing again together in no time at all.

Drs. Barron Hall, David Condon and Charles Dyer working on their patient, a 550 lb Bengal tiger who required some oral surgery. Dr. Condon is in the process of placing the post operative sutures.

Dr. Beau Moody and Dr. Kerry Robson exposing some mid treatment radiographs to determine a working tooth length for the root canal they are completing.

Dr. Kerry Robson, Dr. Clarence Sitzman and Dr. Tina Brandon pose for a selfie after a great weekend treating these magnificent cats.

Dr. Sitzman and Dr. Robson pose between Bengal Tiger patients. What a handsome pair!!! Dr. Sitzman was retiring from his Veterinary practice the following week.

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